50 Healthy Dosa Recipes for Babies and Toddlers

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Dosas don’t have to be plain! Check out these healthy dosa recipes for babies and toddlers for a variety of dosas made from millet, vegetables & more!

When you think of healthy South Indian breakfast recipes for kids, the first things that pop to your mind are probably idli and dosa. While these are simple, healthy foods that are ideal for all ages, their basic nature lends them to a wide range of experimentation!

Have you seen those 99 Dosa shops? They claim to have 99 different varieties of dosas, and while this may seem like a huge number, it’s not really surprising! Dosas can be made out of simply anything – all kinds of grain, millet, vegetables and even fruit. And when it comes to fillings, the sky’s the limit!

So let’s go beyond the regular ghee roast or masala dosa and try something new with our list of 50 healthy dosa recipes for babies and toddlers. And don’t worry, most of these recipes are the ‘instant’ version, which means no soaking required!

You can serve these dosas with regular chutney, chutney powder or sambar. Or you can make it heartier by serving with tofu burji, flavored paneer or an omelette. If your kids like it sweet, you can try a raisin spread, apricot jam or apple jam.

Note: Please remember that babies under one cannot have salt, sugar, honey or cow’s milk. You may replace any of the ingredients in the recipes below with healthier alternatives of your choice.

50 Healthy Dosa Recipes for Babies and Toddlers Dosa Recipes for Babies

1. Steamed Dosa (6 Months+) – This is probably going to be your baby’s first ever dosa! With just two ingredients, this is a soft and mild dosa that’s perfect for babies. You can also tear it to pieces and let baby try it as finger food.

2. Jowar Dosa (8 Months+) – Once your baby is familiar with steamed dosa and other basic grains, you can introduce her to this jowar dosa. With more calcium than rice and wheat, this is useful to build those strong bones and teeth!

3. Instant Ragi Carrot Dosa (8 Months+) – This is an easy dosa recipe that doesn’t need too many ingredients. With homemade ragi flour, grated carrots and buttermilk, you can give your baby a healthy and filling breakfast.

4. Tomato Dosa (8 Months+) – This is a delicious dosa recipe for older babies, who can tolerate a bit of spice and different flavors. Skip the red chilli and the salt for young babies; you can add it as they get more used to spicy food. Get the recipe from GK Food Diary.

5. Puffed Rice Dosa(8 Months+)- Puffed rice may be associated with laddus or chaat, but Chitra’s Food Book turns it into quite a delicious and soft dosa recipe! Love the crispy edges and soft middle on the dosa! Just skip the salt for babies under one.

6. Watermelon Dosa (10 Months+) – This recipe from Konkani Food Recipes can be made using watermelon flesh or the rind, but the flesh is recommended for babies. Add coconut to give this dish a nuttier and yummier flavor.

7. Pearl Millet and Green Gram Pesarattu (10 Months+) – If you’ve wanted to introduce pearl millet in your baby’s diet, this pesarattu should be an easy way! Skip the green chilly and salt for babies under one year.

8. Paneer Dosa (10 Months+) – Once your baby has tried paneer and liked it, it’s time to introduce her to this paneer dosa from GK Food Diary. With crumbled paneer and capsicum, this is a complete meal! Skip the chilli powder and salt for babies under one year.

Dosa Recipes for Toddlers and Kids

9. Set Dosa – Smitha Kalluraya’s set dosas look soft and spongy – perfect for toddlers who are still learning to chew. You can skip the baking soda if you like, the curd alone will ensure that the dosa turns out soft.

10. Brown Rice Dosa – You’ve made dosas with white rice, but have you tried making them with brown rice? The Culinary Peace shows us that it’s definitely possible, with even crispier results!

11. Neer Dosa – Just as the name suggests, neer dosa batter is quite runny, with lots of water. But that’s exactly what gives these dosas that thin, lacey texture! Get all the instructions to make these at Maria’s Menu.

12. Poha Dosa – Adding poha to plain rice makes such a huge difference in the outcome, as this recipe from Sailus Food proves! You can skip the baking soda, but make sure the curd you add is sour enough for the batter to rise properly.

13. Instant Oats Dosa – Oats are healthy – we know that, but did you know that oats can be used in practically any cuisine? Yes, you can even make instant oats dosa like this recipe from Raks Kitchen, by using quick cooking oats.

14. Instant Wheat Dosa – This instant wheat dosa from Priya Kitchenette is the perfect solution for busy school mornings, when you don’t want to worry about soaking and fermenting but still want to put a healthy meal on the table!

15. Rava Dosa – One thing I love about rava dosa is its crispiness, especially when combined with the chopped onions in the batter! This recipe from Honest Cooking shows us how to make this perfectly.

16. Bread Dosa – Wondering what to do with leftover bread? Yummy Tummy Aarthi shows us what – make bread dosa! Along with some pantry staples, you’re all set to make an instant healthy breakfast.

17. Sabudana Dosa – This sabudana dosa from Hebbar’s Kitchen works well as food for fasting, but it’s also a soft and comforting dosa recipes for kids who aren’t feeling well enough to eat anything heavy or spicy.

18. Adai Dosa – These dosas are a close cousin of the regular rice dosa, but are nutritionally superior. The addition of multiple lentils makes this dosa healthier, and also gives it a more mealy texture.

19. Sprouted Sathumaavu Dosa – Gathering about 15 different ingredients and sprouting, drying and grinding them is not easy. But it becomes a breeze when you use our Sprouted Sathumaavu flour to make these yummy dosas!

20. Mysore Barley Dosa – The identifying feature of any Mysore dosa is the characteristic Mysore chutney, and it’s the same with this recipe from Tarla Dalal. This works well for older kids who can tolerate the heat of the chutney.

21. Little Millet Dosa – Millet is one of the healthiest things you can feed your family, but most of us can’t think beyond porridge. However, it’s just as easy to make dosa out of millet, like this recipe from Priya’s Versatile Recipes shows.

22. Bajra Dosa – Bajra is popularly used in making rotis, but it works just as well for dosas! Check out the recipe for bajra dosa or kambu dosa from Padhus Kitchen, which also sses urad dal and fenugreek seeds.

23. Foxtail Millet Adai – Packed with protein and fiber, foxtail millet is something every home should have. And it’s easy to cook with – just try out this foxtail millet adai from Padhus Kitchen and you’ll see!

24. Kodo Millet Dosa – Besides their nutritional benefits, another advantage of using millet in daily cooking is that it imparts a mild nuttiness to the dish, making it more kid-friendly in an instant! Check out Spice India Online for this simple Kodo Millet Dosa recipe.

25. Barnyard Millet Pesarattu – Barnyard millet is high in dietary fiber, phosphorous and calcium and is also a good source of B-complex vitamins. Combine it with moong dal and you get a power packed breakfast recipe for the whole family!

26. Ragi Flakes Dosa – If you thought ragi was only suitable for porridge or baked goods, think again! Buttermilk turns this ragi flakes dosa into a soft and delicious dish. Skip the chilly if making for young children.

27. Rajma Dosa – If your kids are picking out all the rajma from the curry, maybe it’s time to try something different, like rajma dosa! Since the rajma is ground into the batter, there’s no question of picking it out!

28. Moong Dal  Sprouts Dosa – We know that sprouts are healthy, but it can be difficult to feed kids the same. Enter the moong dal sprouts dosa, which disguises sprouts under a layer of spices and buttermilk!

29. Moong Dal Cheela – Do you find it frustrating when you forget to soak the rice for the next day’s breakfast? No problem! This moong dal cheela recipe requires just half an hour of soaking, and you’re ready to grind and use your batter!

30. Quinoa Dosa – Quinoa is known as a super food, but many think it doesn’t fit in with Indian cuisine. Well, that couldn’t be more untrue, as this quinoa dosa recipe from Pepper Bowl shows!

31. Instant Raw Banana Dosa – Smitha Kalluraya has an easy and filling raw banana dosa recipe that’s also great for helping underweight kids gain weight. You can also substitute the raw bananas with homemade raw Kerala banana powder.

32. Jackfruit Savory Dosa – It’s amazing how versatile the jackfruit is, isn’t it? I Camp in My Kitchen proves this by making a savory dosa using ripe jackfruit! Other ingredients include coconut, coriander leaves and ginger. You can skip the chilly for young kids.

33. Cucumber Dosa – Cucumbers are among the most hydrating foods for summer, and this recipe from Cook with Kushi turns the vegetable into a dosa! With a mild green color, this is a sure to be a hit with the kids!

34. Spinach Dosa – Getting kids to eat their greens is always a struggle, but this spinach dosa from Great Secret of Life takes care of it! Spinach and coriander lend a beautiful color to the dosa, not to mention a load of nutrients.

35. Sweet Potato Dosa – If you’d like your kids to stay full for a while after breakfast, this sweet potato dosa is a good idea. Packed with Vitamin A and beta carotene, sweet potatoes are also immensely filling and a sustained source of energy.

36. Potato Dosa – You’ve probably had potato stuffing in dosas several times, but have you tried actually adding potato to the dosa batter? Cookilicious has done it, and you can check out the full recipe to see how it’s done.

37. Beetroot Dosa – Know what the best part of including vegetables in dosas is? The gorgeous natural color you get! These pretty pink beetroot dosas from Raks Kitchen are sure to catch the eye of any fussy eater around.

38. Cabbage Dosa – This Savory cabbage dosa from Archana’s Kitchen is a Konkani dish, also called Cabbage Sanna Polo. This unique dosa also includes tamarind in the batter, giving it a nice kick of sourness.

39. Stuffed Water Chestnut Dosa – This dosa will perfectly replace your regular masala dosa, and kids won’t even realize it! Water chestnut flour makes its way into the batter, adding to the nutritional value of the dish.

40. Banana Flower Dosa –  Banana flower isn’t something we cook with regularly, which is what makes this dosa from Chitra’s Food Book all the more special! Be careful when flipping the dosa so you ensure the masala doesn’t fall off.

41. Soya Dosa – This soya dosa recipe from Tarla Dalal is simple enough, with adding soya flour to regular dosa batter ingredients. But this simple step alone adds lots of protein to these dosas, which is a nutrient most Indians are lacking in.

42. Egg Dosa – This egg dosa from Whisk Affair looks simply scrumptious! It’s so easy to make, and you can make it a little heavier and more kid-friendly by sprinkling some grated cheese on top of the egg. Get step by step instructions with pictures.

43. Madurai Kari Dosa – If you thought dosas were purely vegetarian, Yummy Tummy Aarthi proves otherwise, with a mutton kheema dosa! A Madurai special, this is a good recipe for when heavy meals are recommended, like in winters.

44. Pav Bhaji Dosa – Isn’t it fun to try out recipes from different parts of our country? From Madurai in the South, let’s jump to Mumbai in the west with a dosa-ish take on the city’s popular street food – pav bhaji! Check out the full recipe at Hebbar’s Kitchen.

45. Vegetable Pizza Dosa – Sometimes Moms have to be really creative to stay ahead of their fussy eaters, and this vegetable pizza dosais an example! Kids won’t resist anything when it’s got the word ‘pizza’ attached to its name!

46. Schezwan Dosa – You’ve tried a fusion of Italian and Indian, now how about fusing Indian and Chinese cuisine? Check out this unique Schezwan dosa recipe from Sharmis Passions and see the surprise on your kids’ faces!

47. Jini Dosa – Are your kids a big fan of street food? Then they’re sure to love these cute mini dosas, or Jini dosas from Chef and her Kitchen! The detailed instructions show you exactly how to make these little treats.

48. Godhumai Sweet Dosa – Dosas don’t always have to be savory – they can also be sweet! Sailaja Kitchen has a yummy wheat and jaggery dosa that also sues coconut and chopped nuts, making this a great idea for kids who dislike spicy food.

49. Kerala Style Banana Dosa – Bananas are hugely popular in Kerala, and are a must have at every sadya. Archana’s Kitchen celebrates this fact with a Kerala style banana dosa that uses ripe bananas for a sweet dosa recipe. Perfect with some homemade date syrup!

50. Chocolate Dosa – Now here’s a recipe that no one, not even chocoholic adults can resist! Hungry Forever brings us a dosa recipe that’s every chocolate lover’s breakfast dream. You can skip the baking soda, and opt for whole wheat flour instead of refined flour.

You can make any dosa healthier by adding some dry fruits powder or mixed nuts powder to the batter. If you’d like to make life even easier or if you want to be prepared for really hectic mornings, you can stock up on some homemade dosa mixes, free from preservatives and added flavors. Try our Organic Instant Millet Dosa Mix or our Organic Instant Multigrain Dosa Mix to make sure that every morning starts on a healthy note!

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