4th of July Fireworks Craft

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4 months ago   by Shruti Acharya

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This 4th of July, have fun without the fire – with this 4th of July Fireworks Craft for Kids! Easy to make with craft paper and glitter paper.

In countries across the world, summer means no school, ice creams and trips to the beach. However, in the United States, summer means one more thing – fireworks!

4th of July celebrations are literally a blast in the U.S, with bonfires and fireworks being the predominant celebrations, along with picnics, barbecues and parades. All in all, it’s definitely an occasion to celebrate with friends and family!

And we’re celebrating too, with a special 4th of July fireworks craft for kids, made with colored craft paper. This is one fireworks with only fun – and no fire!

4th of July Fireworks Craft for Kids

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List of Supplies: How to make 4th of July Fireworks Craft:

1. Use a ruler and pencil to mark strips on craft paper – 10 inches long and 0.5 inch wide. I’m using red, blue and white craft papers to prepare the strips.

2. Take 2 strips and place them on a flat surface, to make a cross. Apply glue on the overlapped center of both strips. Add on the remaining strips, placing them criss-crossed over the previous ones.

3. Take the open end of one of the strips and glue it to the center to create a loop. Continue with the remaining strips one by one so that all the open strips are now replaced with loops.

4. Cut out a small star shape from golden craft paper or golden glitter paper. Glue the star cutout on the center of the looped pattern. Keep it aside.

5. Cut out a circle from card stock or thick craft paper. Cut some 5-6 inch long strips from golden craft paper.

6. Stick the golden strips on the circle so that one end of the strip is in the center of the circle and the other facing outward, like the sun’s rays. 

7. Stick on the looped craft piece to the middle of this golden ‘sun’. Make sure the golden rays are visible from behind the loops.

8. Stick a straw to the back of the base circle with sticky tape or craft glue.

Turn it over with the right side facing up. Your fireworks craft is ready!

Aren’t these super easy to make? If you liked this, you’ll enjoy checking out our list of sparkling fireworks crafts for kids. Go ahead and  have a (safe) blast this summer!

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