4th of July Paper Cone Wreath Craft

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7 months ago   by Shruti Acharya

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This 4th of July Paper Cone Wreath is just what you need to decorate your home in time for Independence Day! Hang it on your door or use it as party decor.

We love doing up our home in accordance to the season, and I'm sure many of you do too. It's so much fun to switch things up a little when the season changes, or when a festival comes around. But this decor change needn't be one that costs loads of time or money - not when you can DIY!

If you ask me, one of the easiest home decor DIY ideas is by making wreaths, and we absolutely love them! We've made a Poinsettia wreath for Christmas, a twine wreath for Fall and a rolled roses wreath for Valentine's Day. And now we've gone ahead and made one for the 4th of July!

This 4th of July Paper Cone Wreath Craft is super easy to make, and all you need is craft paper in red, white and blue. So let's go ahead and get crafting!

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