Paper Alien Spaceship Craft

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4 months ago   by Shruti Acharya

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This cute paper alien spaceship craft is just what your little alien friend needs to come visit you! Easily made with craft paper and quilling strips.

So you have an outer space fan at home? Then it goes without saying that one of his or her favorite topics is regarding life in outer space – a.k.a. aliens!

While scientists continue to study the possibility of aliens sitting out there in front of their sophisticated telescopes and watching us, it’s fun to hear what kids think. You can get some really interesting responses – just try it and see!

So let’s go with the flow and get a little crafty with our very own paper alien spaceship craft for kids! This project includes regular craft paper as well as quilling strips, which is a good exercise in using mixed materials. So gather your supplies and dive right in!

Paper Alien Spaceship Craft

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List of Supplies: How to make the Paper Alien Spaceship Craft:

1. Download and print the alien spaceship template. Cut out the patterns. The template includes spaceship base, top and bottom parts of the spaceship, one circle and spaceship stands.

2. Select colored craft papers and trace the template patterns. Cut them out neatly.

3. Take the base, top and bottom patterns of the space ship and assemble them by sticking the top and bottom on the base. 

4. Now attach the stands along the bottom edge of the spaceship, sticking on the back and overlapping a cm with the bottom edge of the spaceship. Stick the alien circle on the spaceship.

5. With a 12″ long quilling strip, create a loose coil that’s as big as the alien circle. Pick 4″ long quilling strips in yellow or orange to create 4-5 smaller, tight coils. These are the lights of the space ship.

6. Apply glue on the alien circle and stick the pink loose coil on it. Now attach the small yellow coils along the bottom part of the spaceship.

7. Add googly eyes to the alien to finish the craft. You can also add tiny coils for antennae, and add a mouth as well.

You know what the best part about this project is? No one knows for sure what aliens look like, which means you can make them any way you want! You can also try making plastic egg aliens and cardboard tube aliens – try experimenting with different looks till you’re happy!

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