Seashell Flower Garden Craft

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4 months ago   by Shruti Acharya

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Collected shells while on holiday? Put them to use by making this beautiful Seashell Flower Garden Craft! Super easy craft that even young kids can make!

When you hear about seashells, you instantly think of summer. And when you hear about flower gardens, you think of spring. Such is the association our minds have created about seasons!

However, we’ve decided to go and turn this association on its head. who says sea shells can’t feature in a spring flower garden, or that you can’t make a spring theme craft in summer?

No one! And that’s why we’ve brought to you today a super simple and charming seashell flower garden craft, that’s so easy even preschoolers can make it. It’s a great way to use up those shells you gathered on your beach holiday!

Seashell Flower Garden Craft

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List of Supplies: How to make the Seashell Flower Garden Craft:

1. Choose shells of uniform shape and size for a single flower, you can have different flowers for this craft. Choose some shells to be leaves, some to be petals and tiny ones to be the flower centers.

2. Paint all the shells in colors of your choice. I’ve stuck with green for the leaves and silver for the flower centers. Let them dry.

3. While the shells are drying, take your canvas and paint a background on it. You can use green and blue water colors.

4. Once the shells and the canvas are dry, start assembling the garden. Use the pipe cleaners as stems, and stick on the shells in the appropriate positions using tack-its.

5. Add the tiny shells to the center to make the flowers look complete.

6. Finish up the project by adding some white clouds in the sky, cut out of craft foam or card stock.

Isn’t this a sweet little flower garden? It’s bright enough to act as a pick me up, but soft enough to be soothing. If this has inspired you, you may also like to try a paper quilled flower garden or a burlap button flower garden. Let it bloom in our hearts and our homes!

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