Aam Panna Recipe for Kids

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Turn raw mangoes into the traditional summer drink – a tasty Aam Panna! Mildly spiced and sweetened with jaggery, this is ideal for kids over 1 year.

Aam panna is a popular summer drink, and not just for adults! Yes, even kids can enjoy this delicious and refreshing raw mango drink – without any fuss! Raw mango is considered as a great remedy for heat strokes as it helps to lower body temperature. Get these cooling benefits in a homemade Aam panna, which is an excellent alternative to sugar and preservative laden processed drinks.

In case you’re wondering about the color of our aam panna here, it’s because we have used organic jaggery as a sweetener, so the drink is 100% naturally sweetened!

Aam Panna Recipe for Kids Ingredients:

How to make Aam panna for kids?Wondering how to get organic jaggery? Don’t worry, we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep.


1. Wash and peel the raw mangoes.

2. Add water to a pressure cooker. Place the raw mangoes in a container inside the pressure cooker.

3. Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles.

4. Once the mangoes have cool down, extract the pulp and discard the seeds.

5. Take this mango pulp in a mixing bowl. Add jaggery powder, black salt and spices (green cardamom powder, roasted cumin powder, black pepper powder) to it.

6. Mix everything very well. You may strain this concentrate as well. Transfer the concentrate in an air tight glass jar and refrigerate.Aam panna for kids

7. To make the aam panna, just dilute the concentrate with drinking water and serve.

The ratio of jaggery powder and cooked mango pulp is 1:1. However, you may adjust the amount of sweetener as per the sourness of the mangoes.

The concentrate for aam panna has a shelf life of 2 weeks on refrigeration in air tight jar. The color of the aam panna depends upon the color of the jaggery used. Fresh mint leaves may be pulsed along with the aam panna concentrate to add more zing, in which case your aam panna will turn green.The seasoning of black salt, cardamom powder, black pepper and roasted cumin powder adds a nice punch to the drink, making it your child’s new summer favorite!

Wondering how to get organic jaggery? Don’t worry, we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep.

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