10 Gustav Klimt Art Projects for Kids

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4 months ago   by Fabida Abdulla

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The master of metallics, Klimt loved painting with gold leaf & patterns. Let's learn more about this amazing artist with some Gustav Klimt Art Projects for Kids!

"There is nothing that special to see when looking at me."

Many famous painters of the early 20th century had quite the active social life. They frequented cafes and exhibitions and made sure they were seen as much as their work. However, the quote above will show that there was one artist who didn't fit in this mould - Gustav Klimt.

Born in Austria, Klimt is considered one of the main forces of the Vienna Secession art movement. However, he was quite the homebody. He stayed home in sandals and a loose robe, and people had to come to his home if they wanted to meet him. And plenty of people came - thanks to Klimt's amazing work!

Stoclet Frieze, 1905
Look at the painting above. It's the Stoclet Frieze, a three-panel work painted by Klimt in a wealthy industrialist's home. The three panels include a single woman, the Tree of Life and an embracing couple. This one work of art encompasses most of Klimt's personal preferences. He loved working with gold leaf and metallic accents, which is reflected throughout in this painting. The single woman reflects the fact that Klimt painted many women, wearing elaborate costumes that he himself designed. The couple's clothing shows another favorite of Klimt's - lots and lots of patterns!

All of Klimt's paintings have some incredible detailing, and kids can learn a lot from them. In fact, including Klimt's various techniques is sure to be an interesting exercise, whether it's working with patterns or metallics. Since it's the artist's birthday on 14th July, it's the perfect time to learn more about him - with some amazing Gustav Klimt art projects for kids!

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